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Ian Anderson Hurley Boats Hurley Marine For Sale/Wanted Photo Competition
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With 7 votes congratulations to our winner Harry Van Hamm
h22 thorpe intrim
With 4 votes each we have joint second places for Rob Manging and Vincent Southern

Other votes were placed as follows:3 votes for pictures 8, 13 and 20.
2 votes for pictures 7 , 11, 18 , 23 and 25.
1 vote for picture 1, 24 and 27.

Many thanks to all those taking part in the competition either as entrants or voters and congratulations once more to Harry, Rob and Vincent.

Entries for 2020

H27 H27
1. Picture of Hurley 27, "Restormel" off Beach Head submitted by Dennis Smith. 2. Picture of Hurley 22, "Osiris" moored in Chichester Harbour. Submitted by Peter Sebire
H27 h22 thorpe
3. Picture of "Argo". Submitted by Callum Gimingham. 4. Hurley 22 at Thorpe bay. Submitted by Rob Manging.
H27 h22 thorpe
5. H22 Strider en route from Bembridge to Chichester. Submitted by Ian Sinclair. 6. Ian Sinclair and Desiree outside Chichester harbour in 2017. Submitted by Tim Sharman.
H27 H27
7. Hurley 24 submitted by Chris Deane. 8.Hurley 22 - Ladybird 2 sailing out of Portishead Marina with Portbury cranes in the background. Submitted by Michelle Gozna
devonair jd
9. Hurley 30/70 Devonair heading towards Toronto on Lake Ontario, Canada, August 2020. Submitted by Andrew Brewer and Janette Eagle. 10.Jay Ess Silhouette Mk I. Submitted by Jonathon Davies.
intrim minerva
11. Intrim, Hurley 22 enjoying the sunset at Wicor marine.rley Submitted by Martin Baker. 12. Hurley Signet 20. Submitted by Colin Scott.
intrim minerva
13. Hurley 22 taken off the coast of Anglesey. Submitted by Duncan Swinson 14. Hurley 27 off Lizard. Submitted by Len Hiley
intrim minerva
15. Hurley 22 enroute from Salcombe to Dartmouth at 5am. Submitted by Vincent Southern. 16. Hurley 22 at anchor in Studland Bay. Submitted by Angus Claydon.
h22 lutry Tailwind usa
17. Hurley 22 moored at Lutry on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Submitted by Pierre Loth. 18. Hurley Tailwind sailing on Lake Erie, USA. Submitted by Jim Otton.
h22 lutry h22 hamish
19. Hurley 24 in the sun at Beaulieu. Submitted by Mike Carter 20. Sailing down from Caithness to Findhorn near Helmsdale in Hurley 22 Jetstream. Submittted by Hamish Fraser.
h22 lutry brace
21. Hurley 20, Evette an anchor in Lyner River. Submitted by Tom Eaves 22. Brace of H22’s Motor sailing – S. Cornwall. Submitted by Kevin Meyers
burly eoin
23. Hurley Burley on the Exe Estuary on fine summer morning. Submitted by Sam Gilchrist. 24. A recent trip on Moonshine; from Askeaton to Fenit in SW Ireland. Submitted by Eoin Keyes.
drone hurley up
25. Voici une photo du mon Hurley 22, * Le Bonty*, situer a Peronnes lez Antoing en Belgique. au plaisir de ce croiser une fois , bien a vous. Submitted by Yves Couplet. 26. Me and my father sailing my Hurley 700 no. 945 during the first of the winter regatta series of the Grevelingencup at the end of October last year. Submitted bt Harry van Ham

Here are the Competition Rules and links to earlier Competitions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.