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Ian Anderson Hurley Boats Hurley Marine For Sale/Wanted Photo Competition
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HOA acknowledges that the following commercial photographers, some of which may no longer be operating, were originators of the photographs in this gallery:

Colin Rowe, Tavistock; John Etches, Bournemouth; Jack's Photographic Service, Looe; Tom Molland, Plymouth; Devon Commercial Photos, Plymouth.

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The Duke of Edinburgh visits Hurley Marine with Charles Woodrow (left), George Hurley (second from left) and Ken Bowers, Production Manager, (right).
A Hurley 22 at the Tamar Bridge
Ian Anderson and Chris Richardson with a Hurley 22 at Britannia Royal Naval College
Silhouette delivery rigs designed by George Hurley
A silhouette behind a Ford Anglia
The sail loft at Hurley Marine's Valley Road factory
Silhouette delivery rigs designed by George Hurley 1. Felicity assemble line with a H22 readt for delivery (top). General area with boat in progress (bottom).
2. Fitting out area 3. Assembly of 'kit parts' prior to fitting into hull 4, Machine shop
5. Mould shop - deck moulding area. Note: pre-cut glass fibre sheets on the rack. 6. Bilge keel production 7. Hurley 27 deck moulding
8. Hurley 27 deck and hull mouldings ready to be joined 9. A hull mould. Note: mounting that allowed the mould to be turned during manufacture - a process developed by Hurley Marine 10.Fitting out a hull
11. A Hurley 18 hull with bulkheads fitted awaiting deck moulding.
12. Factory - general view
13. Mould shop - general view
14.Laying up a hull
15. Joan Vickers, MP for Devonport, opening the new factory buildings at Richmond Road, in 1959
16. Ernie Miners, with Joan Vickers and George Hurley, inspecting a Silhouette.
  NOTE: HOA has been given permission to use these picture but they must not be permanently downloaded or copied.