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WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR (For archive of changes click here)

18/06/2024 Add buying guide to home page.
28/05/2024 Update the For Sale page.
26/05/2024 Update the For Sale page and Events page.
22/05/2024 Update the For Sale page.
13/05/2024 Update the For Sale page.
08/05/2024 Update the For Sale page.
29/04/2024 Update the For Sale page.
11/04/2024 Update the For Sale page.
14/03/2024 Update the For Sale page.
05/03/2024 Update the For Sale page.
21/02/2024 Update the account of Hurley in Holland.
18/02/2024 Update for sale page.
11/02/2024 Update for sale page and SCM / Ravensail data.
24/01/2024 Update for sale page and the Association rules and update For Sale page.
21/01/2024 Update for sale page.
19/12/2023 Update for sale page.
14/12/2023 Update for sale page.
22/11/2023 Update merchandise page.
14/11/2023 Update photo comp page.
12/11/2023 Delete old adverts from For Sale page
31/10/2023 Update For Sale page
17/10/2023 Update For Sale page
14/10/2023 Update Photo Comp page
7/10/2023 Update Photo Comp page
5/10/2023 Update Photo Comp page
27/09/2023 Update For Sale page
18/09/2023 Update For Sale page
05/09/2023 Update For Sale page
19/07/2023 Update For Sale page
13/07/2023 Update Photo Comp page
08/07/2023 Update For Sale page
02/07/2023 Update Tips page
01/07/2023 Tips page re rigging, photo page,remove old links, spelling errors
15/06/2023 Update For Sale page
07/06/2023 Update For Sale page
01/06/2023 Update For Sale page
24/05/2023 Update For Sale page
05/05/2023 Update For Sale page
24/04/2023 Update For Sale page
10/04/2023 Update For Sale page
30/03/2023 Update For Sale page
25/03/2023 Update NewsandEvents and For Sale pages
23/03/2023 Update Photocomp page and Home Page
06/03/2023 Update For Sale page
28/02/2023 Update For Sale page
23/02/2023 Update For Sale page
13/02/2023 Update For Sale page
04/02/2023 Update For Sale page
03/01/2023 Update For Sale page
07/12/2022 Update PBO advert
23/11/2022 Prune a few old adverts
11/11/2022 Update Merchandise page and delete a few old adverts
08/11/2022 Update Merchandise page
06/11/2022 Delete some old entries on For Sale page
29/10/2022 Update For Sale page
26/10/2022 Update Photo Comp page and For Sale page
19/10/2022 Update Photo Comp page and For Sale page
28/09/2022 Update Photo Comp page
24/09/2022 Update Photo Comp page
09/09/2022 Update Photo Comp page
08/09/2022 Update Photo Comp page
06/09/2022 Update For Sale page
04/09/2022 Update For Sale page
30/08/2022 Update For Sale page and photo comp page
16/08/2022 Update For Sale page
09/08/2022 Update For Sale page and Photo comp page.
26/07/2022 Update Events pages and photo comp page plus other minor tweeks.
17/07/2022 Update For Sale page.
31/05/2022 Update For Sale page and Events page.
15/05/2022 Update For Sale page
14/05/2022 BYHH updates.
2/05/2022 Update For Sale page.
2/05/2022 Update For Sale and News/Events page.
30/04/2022 Add menu to News page.
29/04/2022 Update For Sale page.
14/04/2022 Update For Sale page.
06/04/2022 Update For Sale page.
05/04/2022 Update For Sale page.
16/03/2022 Update For Sale page.
11/03/2022 Update Events page.
08/03/2022 Delete adverts from For Sale page.
27/02/2022 Update For Sale page.
25/02/2022 Update For Sale page and Merchandise page.
24/02/2022 Update For Sale page.
13/02/2022 Update For Sale page and Events Page.
11/02/2022 Update For Sale page and Events Page.
05/02/2022 Update For Sale page.
29/01/2022 Update For Sale page.
24/01/2022 Update Events page.
19/01/2022 For Sale page changes.
16/01/2022 For Sale page changes.
12/01/2022 For Sale page changes.
11/01/2022 Delete old adverts and change a menu item.
07/01/2022 Add responsive background image + more misc tweeks.
01/01/2022 Minor misc tweeks
30/12/2021 Updates to Index page, For Sale page and H22 page
27/12/2021 Updates to BYHH coverage.
20/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page and tweaks to home page navbar.
16/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
14/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
12/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
06/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
05/12/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
29/11/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
26/11/2021 Updates to For Sale page.
23/11/2021 Updates to promote BYHH.
21/11/2021 Update For Sale page.
12/11/2021 Update Events page.
11/11/2021 Update Merchandise page.
29/10/2021 Update For Sale page.
26/10/2021 Update For Sale page and Photo Comp Page.
15/10/2021 Update For Sale page and Photo Comp Page.
06/10/2021 Update For Sale page.
30/09/2021 Added Sovereign 32 to Hurley Boats page.
28/09/2021 Update For Sale page.
24/09/2021 Update For Sale page.
21/09/2021 Update Photocomp page and For Sale page.
19/09/2021 Update Photocomp page and For Sale page.
16/09/2021 Update Photocomp page and For Sale page.
11/09/2021 Update Photocomp page.
10/09/2021 Update For Sale page.
06/09/2021 Update Photo Comp page.
04/09/2021 Update Photo Comp page.
02/09/2021 Update Photo Comp page.
31/08/2021 Update For Sale page and Photo Comp page.
21/08/2021 Update For Sale page.
17/08/2021 Update Photo Comp page.
08/08/2021 Update Photo Comp page.
28/07/2021 Remove Fantasie on For Sale page.
26/07/2021 Correct error on For Sale page.
25/07/2021 For Sale page updated.
20/07/2021 For Sale page and News and Events page updated.
11/07/2021 For Sale page updated.
16/06/2021 For Sale page updated.
01/06/2021 Merchandise page updated.
28/5/2021 For Sale page updated and H22 Spreadsheet updated.
12/5/2021 For Sale page updated.
8/5/2021 For Sale page updated.
15/4/2021 For Sale page updated and Silhouette gallery additions.
05/4/2021 Two adverts deleted.
28/3/2021 More loose ends and photo entries.
25/3/2021 More loose ends from last update and
21/3/2021 Significant Updates to H24, H22, News and Events, PhotoComp and Merchandise pages
16/3/2021 Update to H24 page.
10/3/2021 Restore historic boat reviews
09/3/2021 Corrections to Alacrity Gallery page and update For Sale page.
24/2/2021 Update to Home page re Historic PBO reports
18/2/2021 Update For Sale page and Trophies page
3/2/2021 Update For Sale page and correct errors on Index and H30 page..
22/1/2021 Update For Sale page.
6/1/2021 Update For Sale page.
18/12/2020 Update Merchandise and For Sale pages.
09/12/2020 Add HOA Stickers to merchandise page.
04/12/2020 For Sale Page updated.
28/11/2020 For Sale Page updated.
17/11/2020 Announce calendar for sale.
14/11/2020 For Sale Page updated.
09/11/2020 For Sale Page updated.
04/11/2020 For Sale Page updated.
30/10/2020 For Sale Page updated.
26/10/2020 For Sale Page updated.
23/10/2020 For Sale Page and Photo comp pages updated.
12/10/2020 For Sale Page update.
4/10/2020 For Sale Page update.
22/9/2020 For Sale Page update.
15/9/2020 Photo comp page update.
14/9/2020 New item added to For Sale page.
9/9/2020 Photocomp page updated.
7/9/2020 Photocomp page updated.
3/9/2020 For Sale page updated.
28/8/2020 Photo competition page updated.
23/8/2020 For Sale page updated.
19/8/2020 Photo comp page updated.
16/8/2020 Photo comp page and For Sale page updated.
6/8/2020 Photo comp page and For Sale page updated.
4/8/2020 Re-vamp home page and a new advert added.
25/7/2020 Several adverts added and a couple removed. Some minor formating changes for consistency.
1/7/2020 Minor change to rules and change to Merchandise page.
Changes to Dutch Hurley page
One advert added.
29/6/2020 More password references removed
Sub Menus brought into line with main menu
Whats New split into recent anf Archive
One new advert added
27/6/2020 Hurley Marine 24/70 Welcome document added
7/6/2020 Two adverts deleted
14/6/2020 One advert added
11/6/2020 One advert added and link to H700 Refit document
31/5/2020 Three adverts added
28/4/2020 Minor change to Home page of website
24/4/2020 Minor Facelift for website
17/4/2020 Photo competition for 2020 announced
6/3/2020 One advert deleted
29/2/2020 One advert added
19/2/2020 One advert deleted and another deleted 2 days later
09/2/2020 Added content from Meeting at PYC
03/2/2020 One advert added
22/1/2020 One advert added
3/1/2020 Remove old adverts
22/12/2019 One advert added
17/12/2019 One advert added
7/12/2019 Updates to the George Hurley Page
18/11/2019 HOA 2020 Calendar announced.