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Ian Anderson Hurley Boats Hurley Marine For Sale/Wanted Photo Competition
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And the winning picture of this year's competition is...

In first place with four votes is picture 17 from Harry Hamm.

In second place with three votes is picture 2 from Lauren Hardy.

Photos 1, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 15 each received 2 votes so are in joint third place.

Photos 5 and 8 each received one vote.


Click on a picture to see a larger version correctly orientated.

1. Taken by Craig Pagett during storm Hector in 2018 of H22 Inca in  Loch Earn 2. Here is our H22 Eclipse helmed by my husband Brett accompanied by our sons. I was following in our dinghy in order to take photos. Taken by Lauren Hardy

3. Leaving Beaulieu at 0600, August 2019 on H24 Mi-Solite. Memories of mornings like this get me through the winter. Taken by Mike Carter 4. Full sail, full sun, full fun. H27 Emu in the Azores, July 18. Taken by Len Hiley

5. Sun rising from behind the Copeland islands on Belfast lough. Taken by Paul Hawthorne
6. Hurley 27 in Denmark. Taken by Carsten Gæbe Povlsen
7. Hurley Silhouette Mk3 taken last summer on her mooring at Toward Sailing Club in Argyll, Scotland. Taken by Fraser Shaw
8. A lazy August 2019 afternoon in The Bag, Salcombe.Taken by Chris Deane
9. Afloat again after extensive restoration, Taken by Colin Scott
10. This picture is taken on board my H22 'Akka' in the North Sea near Baltrum on a lovely early morning this June. We were on our way to the Baltic coming from the Netherlands and the tide made us get up early. Taken by Erik Braun
11. H22 trio Umucale, Urchin and Flash (Malpas and Falmouth) early season sail to Fowey. Taken by Kevin Meyers
12. Umucale in full flight from Falmouth to Fowey, Spring 2019.  Taken by Henry Leivers
13. H22 Desiree on her mooring in Chichester harbour. Taken by Ian Sinclair
14. Fowey in May taken by Will Thompson on board Urchin.
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15. H22 Sandpiper on the river Dee at Llanerch Y Mor with the Duke of Lancaster in the background. Taken by Michael Noonan
16. Here is our fleet, Hurley 30/90 Devonair, Shark 24 Mickey, and remote controlled 'Mini'.  Taken by me Janette Eagle at Whitby Yatch Club on Lake Ontario, Canada
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17. Picture taken the 24th of November, while racing the second regatta of the winter series at the Grevelingenmeer on our Hurley 22 hull no. 945 called Hurlie Up. Taken by Harry Hamm
18.Hurley 24 Liberte owned by Rafal Andersohn on Lough Derg /Ireland. Taken by Rafal's son.

Here are the Competition Rules and links to earlier Competitions: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.