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Congratulations to the South West Hurley groups on a great turn out in Salcombe! Eight boats turned up - one unexpectedly from Salcombe itself despite a lousy forecast for returning home on the Sunday or Monday which might have restricted numbers. Tony and Hil (H24 Galivanti) left Calstock on Friday intending to go down the river for the night to meet the others at the breakwater. Unfortunately their engine had other ideas and they had to anchor to find and air leak. In the morning by the time there was enough water to leave they missed the others and had to follow Bryan and George (Mistral), James (Eclair II) and John (Slinky Malinki) arriving at around 1530 after quite a good sail to find Kevin (Vixen) and Phil (Xeitosa) were already there after a very lively punch around Start Point from Torbay. That made 6 boats, then, having left the Helford River at 0600, Bruce and Vicky (Gala) turned up after a non-stop rhumb line to Bolt Head - true Hurely commitment. Salcombe harbour staff were very welcome and put all the boats omone pontoon. After socialising and admiring one another's boats everyone went ashore in the water taxi for a very pleasant meal at the yacht club.

Tim and John had to leave on Sunday and did not have a relaxing sail home but Geoff came over and joined the party in Shelduck, a local boat. making eight in all. A wet day was spent exploring Salcombe and in the evening the group gathered in the cabin and cockpit of Gala (under Bruce and Vicky's much admired boom tent for the traditional forms of refreshment.

The weather for Monday turned out not to be as bad as the forecast and everyone returned safely after a great get together for the newly formed group.

Crews compare passage experiences
James in Eclaire II with Tony and Hillary in Gallivanti behind
Kevin and James discussing rigging
Slinky Malinki and Mistral

Vixen and Xeitosa

Dinner at the yacht club
Dinner at the yacht club
Bruce, Kevin, Philip, Bryan
James, Bruce and Kevin
Philip, Bryan and Tony