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Despite poor weather forecasts six boats took part. Rod and Donia (Gandalf) and Ian (Lalep-la) arrived a day early on Friday 10th. By the end of the day the wind had increased and the clouds had gathered. Saturday dawned with a stiff south westerly and drizzle and things got slowly worse. Tim and Linda (Strider) were the first to arrive at around midday. They were followed by Dave and Jonathan (Blaze) and Jim (Psamanthe). Finally Tom and Chris (Blossom) arrived from Littlehampton having started the previous day from Newhaven! Drinks and nibbles on Gandalf were eventually hampered by increasing rain. At around 7.30 we departed by water taxi for Brading Haven Yacht Club where we had an excellent meal and a thoroughly convivial evening. For the dinner we were joined by Roy and Sue who keep their Alacrity in Bembridge. Unfortunately when we left the water taxi was no longer running and we all got soaked walking back to the Marina. It got even windier in the small hours but Sunday dawned with sunshine and the winds decreased to SW Force 5. Boats left between midday and about 1.30 and everyone seems to have enjoyed a very brisk sail home. There will be fuller report in the next Newsletter.

Gandalf and Lalep-La - note the new rally flag
Drinks and nibbles aboard Gandalf
Pre-dinner drinks at Brading Haven Yacht Club
Dinner at the Yacht Club
Blossom and Blaze
Gandalf, Lalep-la and Strider
Strider and Lalep-la
Jim leaving on Psamanthe
Tom and Chris leaving on Blossom
Jonathan leaving on Blaze
Tim and Linda leaving on Strider