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The Association AGM 2019, Held in Plymouth overwhelmingly backed the proposal to migrate to Facebook. For more information see Chairman's Report

Members at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club for the AGM

Following feedback from the membership at the AGM we are pleased to announce that Nick Vass has kindly agreed to join the Committee as Facebook Moderator. We are also pleased to announce that Chris Deanne has agreed to be co-opted to the Committee to provide support to Nick as may be required.

Southern Area Rally 6th October 2018

The Southern region organized at rally at Hamble Point Marina but it was badly affected by the weather. The day before, Friday, was lovely, indeed unseasonaly warm, and the day after was also pleasant but the day itself suffered from torrential rain and 30 knots of bitterly cold northerly wind. Prudent seamanship kept members' boats secure in home berths. Despite the weather, eight of us enjoyed a meal and a convivial chat at the Ketch Locker, where we were well looked after. They also took the picture you see below which you can click on to get a larger image.

From left to right- Dave Edwards, Helen and Robert Sheridan, Tim Sharman, Ian Sinclair, Mike Carter, Kevin Cormell and Andy Merritt.

It was particularly good to see Dave Edwards at this event as he has had a difficult summer recovering from major surgery.

If you have any ideas that you would like the HOA to consider for the 2019 season then please get in touch with a committee member to discuss. Details are on the Contacts page. And if you would like to organize a rally please do so. Once again, a committee member will be happy to announce the event to the wider membership.

Mike Carter.

SW Area Season Planning Meeting Report 2018

After the annual General Meeting of the HOA at RPCYC (Plymouth), the SW area traditionally holds a meeting to put together member's ideas for events in the new season. This year it was on 17th February. there were nine people present and we exchanged ideas and proposals for activities on and off the water. A program has been printed to reflect these ideas.

However, we have found, increasingly over recent years that it is very difficult to achieve agreement on dates so far in advance, partly because most of us, those" retired" and those "at work", are on call for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is parenting, grandparenting and caring for the even more elderly! These things require a more pragmatic approach as much of the commitment is unpredictable.

Although the occasional date for regular annual events like the May Fowey rally is given, there are no other dates and the order of events is irrelevant It is hoped that members who proposed the idea, as well as anyone else, might propose a date at relatively short notice which suits them and then others may be able to join them. In doing this, due regard will be given to the weather at the proposed time, and it may be that a meet is arranged but at a curtailed event, or more shore based.

If members from other regions are coming to the west Country, please let us know, so that we might be able to meet up with you in an impromptu rally.

In short - any Hurley owner sailing in our area can contact me or any other member to see how many might be available to join in or accompany them for part or all of their trip. It's just about getting together with other enthusiasts for a while and sharing sailing experiences. Please look at the program and see if you might be able to join in or even propose a date for an event.

Wishing everyone a great sailing season

Best wishes

Tony and Hilary Littlewood
H24 Gallivanti,

SW HOA Programme 2018



The Annual General Meeting of the Hurley Owners Association took place on Saturday 17th February 2018 at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club. All the documentation pertaining to the meeting can be found in the Members' Area. Below are some picture taken at the meeting.

Gathering on the balcony before the meeting
Last minute preparations for the meeting
Bruce Carter stepped down from the Committee at the meeting. Phil presented him with a tide clock and theanked him for all his work on the Committee and for maintaining the Archive.

Friday November 17th 2017

Seventeen reservations were made for this dining event which took place in the Armada Room in the RPCYC at the same time as the club’s own awards evening was happening in the main room. We were well looked after by the club staff and it presented a good
opportunity to chat to new members and acknowledge some who have moved on.

The regular annual presentations of a half model Hurley 22 and a well polished trophy, both engraved with previous winners, were made for our SW area photo competition and achievement awards respectively. The new holder of the half model is Colin Spraggs for his delightful and, we think, unusual shot of a red sailed Hurley 22 crossing the bows of his own 22, “Vixen”. For the achievement trophy, Bruce Carter was unanimously accepted as a very worthy recipient after many years of organising, joining and encouraging Hurley activities, and exploring the region from the Isles of Scilly to well east of Plymouth. He also has maintained important records of Hurley ownership for the organisation. He has now moved on to a larger Sadler.

We were also lucky to be able to further acknowledge the lasting link between this club and the Hurley Association, now also represented by the newly framed large burgee on the club wall – the actual one used by Marion Hurley to unveil the blue plaque commemorating the site of the original Hurley production in Richmond Walk, Plymouth, in the presence of her family and members of the HOA at the highly successful fiftieth celebrations held last year. Very sadly, she has since passed away and the association was well represented at her funeral. We do know that she was very enthusiastic about the celebrations and was proud that her family’s involvement in the history of Plymouth city was being formally recognised.

Our thanks go the commodore of the RPCYC, Mr Geoffrey Wheeler, for his support for our association, coming in to speak to us and being photographed with Tony Littlewood, (SW member) with the original half model presented in 1986 by the club to George Hurley
which now resides at the club, and the framed burgee used to unveil the plaque.

Click on an imaage to see a larger version

By Tim Sharman (H22 Strider)

I have had a fair sailing season - all local in and around the Solent, with only one quick dash to Poole. Nothing to compare with last year's BYHH adventure. I was looking at my diary and wondering when to fit in a late-season trip - and then thought - what about a rally?

Last year we had a very successful rally to Bembridge over the 3rd weekend in September, so I sent out an 'all stations' email to South area members looking for expressions of interest. Wow - initially I had 12 positive replies - this would have been a record number (BYHH not included) - although 9 boats were confirmed and 8 made it to Bembridge.

It turned out that I had chosen probably the busiest weekend of the season (again as last year) when multiple rallies were being held and well over 100 boats packed into the marina. This is an impressive feat as the marina consists of one long pontoon and a few finger berths. Boats end up being rafted up 5 deep.

David and Justine Edwards (of H18 'Womble' restoration fame) in their newly rescued and renovated Westerly Tempest 'Jolly Womble' and I arrived first around midday and proceeded into the (rather exciting) approach channel. Once in the harbour proper there were boats everywhere and it was clear that the marina staff were at full stretch sorting out berthing - at one point Jolly Womble and Strider were put into a 'holding pattern' in the (rather narrow!) stream before being called alongside.

Over the next few hours our remaining boats arrived and we berthed in 2 rafts of 4. It is always good to see old friends again, Ian Sinclair in H22 'Desiree', Mike Carter in H24 'Mi Solite' and Mark Moranne in H22 'Hully Gully' but especially good to welcome new folk to our rallies - Angus and Joanne Claydon in H22 'Elf'; John and Margaret Lawes in their Bowman 'Bowman of Emsworth' (the Bowman was the forerunner of the H27) and Richard Parkins in H22 'La Lep La'.

The thing I always love about rallies is the way folk who have never met quickly start talking boats and boating and sharing their experiences. Jolly Womble's huge cockpit was full for 'sundowners', before we set off across the Duver causeway to the Brading Haven Yacht Club for dinner. This is a great little club, incredibly welcoming and the food good and excellent value for money.

The wind and weather were superb throughout the weekend and Sunday morning was a great opportunity for more boat chat and enjoying the sun over coffee and bacon rolls. By about 1200 the water over the bar was sufficient to enable boats to move and we quickly dispersed ahead of most of the huge yachts which surrounded us.

I have a feeling that this rally may become a 'feature'!

David & Justine Edwards in Jolly Womble, with Bowman alongside
Richard Parkin and David Edwards
Angus Claydon
Ian Sinclair and Mike Carter
Bembridge Harbour
"It flies for you..."

Click on a picture to see a larger version


Here's a link to the BYHH report

Post BYHH visit to Calstock


after the official end of festivities on Sunday afternoon, there were 17 people and 12 boats wanting to explore the upper reaches of the Tamar river to Calstock, and the tides were perfect for this, rising for most of the evening...... Read the rest of Tony Littlewood's report


Held at the RPCYC in Plymouth, 19 people attended our annual social representing 9 Hurley boats. The evening started with the usual drinks and chat and photos and a video were displayed on a table for the local photographic award. We then sat in the restaurant to enjoy a good meal from the bistro menu of the club.

After this, photos and video were perused and members and friends, crews and partners voted to find the winner which was Colin Spraggs of H22 "Vixen" with his picture of his grandson as the young skipper at the helm of his boat. The trophy for this is a H22 half model which was beautifully restored by Kevin Mitchell, the previous owner of "Vixen" and we were pleased to see him too at the meeting. Despite his acquistion of a Sadler, he has retained his membership of the HOA.

We also have a trophy cup for our area achievement award and for this, Claire Templar with her H22 "Little Yacht Duet" was nominated and unanimously accepted after her successful completion of the Jester award, sailing single handed to Baltimore in Ireland, where she currently lives. We hope to see her back for the 50th celebrations if she can manage it.

After this, there was interest and some chat about the celebrations next year and it was good to have Steve Dart and James Green with us as they have done so much to get the event under way and are evolving and realising ideas all the time. It's looking very good!

Staff at the club could not have been more helpful and it was quite late when we all left after a great evening.

The next meeting of the SW region will hopefully be at the club again at a date to be decided in February or March

HOA SW members after their dinner Left:Phil Kirby (last year's winner) presenting the SW Area HOA photographic trophy to Colin Spraggs. Right: the winning picture showing Colin's grandson at the helm of his Hurely 22  

About the award of the trophy Claire says:

"Of course I am thrilled to hear that I have been awarded the trophy again. Thank you to everyone! Hope you had a fun evening. Unfortunately though, I took the trophy back to the UK in October for safe keeping and to make return easier. So it currently has pride of place on my mother's sideboard. Makes taking a picture of it with me difficult though...I do have a photo of it here on my mantlepiece in the 300 year old cottage in Ireland, before it went back, complete with drips from leaking chimney and a picture of St Teresa."



"The 2015 South Rally took place at Deacons Marina in the River Hamble over the 18th/19th July. Dave Gowers kindly organised the event, and did so meticulously! Deacons has recently been refitted and has very high standard facilities. It also has a has a mean tide rip through the marina at certain states of the tide, which caught out more than one boat!

We had 6 boats and some over-land attendees. Dave Gowers and Jonathan Milward in H22 Blaze; David and Justine Edwards in H18 Womble; Cameron Kennedy in H22 Marlin; Kevin & Vicky Milligan in H22 Sirach; Tom Charman in H22 Lady Bird and Tim Sharman in H22 Strider. In addition, Paul and Jane White, Len Hiley and Mike Carter came overland.

It was a great example of an HOA rally with several people meeting each other for the first time and finding lots to talk about and share sailing experiences."

Happy Hurley owners
From L, Vicky Milligan, Justine Edwards, Kevin Milligan in Sirach
David Edwards (L) showing Cameron Kennedy the beautifully restored H 18Womble L - R; Justine Edwards, Vicky Milligan, Tom Charman, Kevin Milligan  
L - R; Jane White, Tom White, Dave Gowers Cameron Kennedy (L), Jonathan Milward
Tom Charman (L), Mike Carter
Boats in the marina!


Twenty two members and one guest attended a most successful AGM at Poole Yacht Club. The move to Poole had been a very good idea, making it easier for some to attend who had been unable to attend Plymouth meetings. You can find the minutes of the AGM in the Members' area and below are some pictures of the proceedings and the post-meeting socialising.

Tim opens the meeting
During the meeting
Tim making a presentation about our plans for the 50th anniversary
After the meeting. Foreground l-to-r: Ian Sinclair; Derek Christie; Nick Vass; Roger Powell
After the meeting. Foreground l-to-r: Claire Templar, Donia & Rod Coomber
Lunch in PYC's restaurant


A succesful Rally was held at Sparkes Marina on the weekend of 19th July. Here's a brief account.


This year's HOA South Rally was a great success. The weather was superb and almost made up for what we had for the last two Poole rallies. No less than 11 Hurleys with 19 crew assembled all together on the visitor's moorings at Yarmouth during the course of the afternoon. Drinks and nibbles on the pontoon started at around 6pm and we all drifted across to the Royal Solent Yacht Club for 7.30pm for an excellent meal. Well done to Tim for organising a splendid event.

H20 'Spindrift' - Jo Robinson & Martin H22 'The Wizard' - Andrew Kennedy, Julia & Douglas
H22 'Hully Gully' - Chris Pope & Mark Moranne H24 'Mi Solite' - Mike Carter'
H22 ' Intrim' - Paul Price & Liz Hanson H24 'Aeolis' - Andrew & Jonathan Merritt
H22 'Blaze' - Dave Gowers & Jonathan Milward H27 ' Restormel' - Dennis Smith
H22 'Lalep La' - Ian Sinclair H27 'Gandalf' - Rod Coomber & Donia
H22 'Strider' - Tim Sharman

Saturday 23rd February 2013

The 2013 AGM took place, as usual, at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, where we were made very welcome, again as usual. As well as the normal business of the AGM the meeting agreed an update to the HOA Rules and also agreed to run a Photo Competition (details to be uploaded shortly). It was also decided that it was time to start planning for the 50th Anniversary of the Hurley 22 and the South West group will lead on this and will set up a working group. The Chairman's Report and the Accounts can be found in the Member's Area and the Minutes will be added shortly.

We were delighted that David Reeves and his wife Joyce could join us for the AGM. David Reeves was a design draughtsman with Hurley Marine from 1964 until the bitter end in 1975, when he was closely involved with the closure. David and Joyce joined the Committee for dinner in Plymouth on the Friday evening. After the business of the AGM was finished David gave us some fascinating reminiscences of his career and his experiences working at Hurley Marine.

The start of the AGM
Coffee break
David Reeves
Tim and David in animated discussion


In 2011 the South Area rally to Poole was blown away by strong winds, despite several boats assembling in the Solent for the crossing and other members in Poole area ready to support. So this year all eyes were firmly on the forecast as various Hurleys gathered in the Western Solent ports over Thursday and Friday, waiting for a decent forecast to cross Poole Bay. Ian Sinclair in H22 'Lalep-La', Steve Ellam in H24 'Rifleman Harris' and Tim Sharman in H22 'Strider' rafted-up in a wind-swept Newtown, whilst David Gowers and Jonathan in H22 'Blaze' and Paul Price and Liz Hansen in H22 'Intrim' enjooyed the delights of Yarmouth.

The promised W/SW F3-F4 on Saturday 14th July mysteriously drifted right to the Sunday, so that it was with a forecast of W/SW F4-F5, occ F6 at first, that 4 Hurleys set out early on Saturday for the crossing. Despite the wind and a lumpy, rather contrary sea, all made it to Poole and were safely tucked-up in Poole Yacht Club by mid-afternoon, to a warm and efficient welcome by Mike Carter (H24 'Mi-Solite'). Ian Sinclair very wisely decided that the forecast for Saturday and most especially for his return to Chichester on Monday, was not suitable for him or the boat and headed back east.

In Poole, everyone relaxed to enjoy the hospitality of the excellent PYC and lots of boat chat, with the added fun of getting to know new Hurley-owning friends.

On Sunday the weather had settled and boats dispersed one by one, after lots more cockpit chat, stories and photos. Everyone was very pleased to have made the Poole rally a reality and to have managed to make the best of the contrary weather. A very big thank you Mike Carter for his impeccable preparations and to the PYC for their welcome and most excellent facilities.

Strider, Lalep-la and Rifleman Harris rafted up in Newtown
Rifleman Harris and Strider departing Newtown
In PYC's Marina
In PYC's Marina
Supper in PYC.L to R: Steve Ellam, Mike Carter, Dave Gowers, Jonathan, Graham Allen (H22 Marlin {PYC}), Angela Allen, Liz Hansen, Paul Price


Ralph Smith (Penncirrus) has written an account of the Fowey Rally which is on the Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club's website


Once again the AGM was held at Plymouth Royal Corinthian Yacht Club on 25 February 2012 and we were delighted that our President, Ian Anderson, and his wife were able to attend. You can find copies of the Minutes, the Chairman's Report and the Accounts in the Members' Area.

Members gathered on the terrace of the RPCYC
Tim Sharman, Ian Calderhead and the Andersons


Another enjoyable Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on Saturday the 5th March 2011 at The Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club. As before RPCYC provided a stunning location and superb hospitality.This particular meeting was special for a number of reasons. Firstly it was attended by our President, Ian Anderson. It was a real delight to meet the man who designed our boats. Secondly, there was a presentation to Mike Sheridan, our retiring Treasurer, in recognition of all the work that he has done for the Association. Last but by no means least, it was an opportunity to see proofs of the Hurley Marine book that Tim Sharman and Nick Vass have written. There will be a full account of the meeting in the next Newsletter. In the mean time you can find the Minutes, the Accounts and the Chairman's Report in the Members' Area.

The start of the meeting
Ian Anderson (centre) makes the presenation to Mike Sheridan (left)

LYMINGTON 10 - 11 JULY 2010

Eight boats and 13 sailors gathered at the Dan Bran pontoon in Lymington for the HOA South Rally. Four arrived early on the Friday afternoon (Rigadoon Meridian 31 Paul & Neil, Gandalf H22 Rod & Donia, Mi-solite H24 Mike Carter, Honey H22 Howard and Jeremy) while four arrived during the course of Saturday (Strider H22 Tim, Lalep-la H22 Ian, Rifleman Harris H24 Steve and Blaze H22 Dave and Jonathan). On both days some of us travelling westward along the West Solent experienced some fairly brisk south-westerlies.Had there been a prize for the furthest distance travelled it would have been awarded to Howard and Jeremy who came from Portland. On Saturday evening we assembled on the pontoon at around 6.30pm for drinks and nibbles and then moved at around 8.00pm to the The Mayflower for a convivial meal. On Sunday those heading west left during the morning with the ebb while those heading eastwards left during the early to mid-afternnon to take advatage of the first of the flood. A fuller account will appear in the Newsletter and some pictures will be added to this site later.


A very succesful AGM, with 20 members attending, was held on Saturday, 6th March 2010 at 11 am at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club. Click here to read the minutes.

Last Floating Rally September 2009 - Yealm River

Another successful Rally was held by this group on Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th September with six boats taking parts. For more details and some pictures click here.


There was a great turn out for the Salcombe Rally. Eight boats turned up despite a forecast for foul weather for the return home. There will be a fuller account in the Newsletter later. Mean while you can click here for a few more details and some pictures.

BEMBRIDGE, 11 - 12th JULY 2009

The South Rally took place as planned with six boats turning up despite the weather forecast and twelve people sitting down to dinner in Brading Haven Yacht Club. There will be a full account in the next Newsletter but you can click here for a few more details and some pictures


The Tamar Valley Group was launched on 8th May with help from the West Cornwall Group some of whom attended the inaugural meeting.


It's great to be able to report a good turnout for the rally at Marchwood Yacht Club over the weekend of 12 & 13th July.
We had four Hurley 22s ( Blaze, Kioni, Spindrift and Strider), a Hurley 24 (Curlew of Bosham) and a Hurley 27 (Gandalf). Boats arrived during the afternoon and early evening. All but two had sailed/motored from the east against a westerly F5 - so we all had some tales to tell. After pre-dinner drinks on the pontoon, a total 14 of us sat down to dinner on Saturday evening and had a great time swapping stories and anecdotes. Marchwood YC were friendly hosts, the galley did a sterling job, including breakfast the following morning! Everyone left during the course of the morning and weather conditions for the return journey were much more benign. There will be a full report in a future edition of the Newsletter. In the meantime here are some pictures which may encourage some more of you to come to next year's rallies.

Click on a picture to see a larger version

Sundowners on Gandalf: Donia, Rod, Bruce, Nick, Dave, Mike and Jeff
Sundowners on Gandalf: Nick and Bruce
Curlew of Bosham: Nick, Bruce and Jeff
Blaze: Mike and Dave
Dinner at Marchwood Yacht Club
Spindrift: Paul
Gandalf: Donia and Rod
Blaze and Spindrift departing
Strider departing


A number of events were held in Cornwall during 2008, including the social shown below.

A picture taken by Tony Littlewood at the West Cornwall social evening at the Halfway House pub at Rame on 11th January.


The Rallies in the 2007 programme were very poorly supported, largely because of problems with dates and the awful weather in June and July. However there was a succesful Southern Rally organised by Tim Sharman at Hornet Sailing Club in Gosport. Four visiting boats turned up: Mike Carter (Mi-Solite, H24/70), Ken McKenzie (Sulu II, H22), Jeff Moody (Curlew of Bosham, H24/70) and Nick Grogan (Kione, H22). Dave Gowers arrived by road and Tim was there of course - he keeps his H22, Strider at Hornet). It would appear that good food was eaten, good beer was drunk and many yarns were told. For further details read Mike Carter's report in the October Newsletter.


South - Solent

The Solent Rally was held at Marchwood on 17/18th June 2006. There is a full report from Nick Grogan complete with pictures in the July Newsletter

East Coast - Medway

The East Coast Rally was scheduled for the Medway on 27/28th May. Unfortunately bad weather meant that any sailing had to be cancelled but a number of members met for Saturday lunch at Hoo Ness Yacht Club

South West - Plymouth

The South West Rally took place on 1st/2nd July in Plymouth and there is a full report from Tim Sharman in the July Newsletter. Below is a photomontage of some of the many pictures taken at the rally. It looks as though everyone had a marvellous time. Perhaps the pictures will encourage more members to attend next year's rallies

The Cross-Channel Rally - 23rd-26th July 2005

The weather and other factors proved frustrating for those taking part and prevented them from getting to Cherbourg. However, a good time was had by all. A full report is in the October 2005 newsletter.

The Western Contingent in Weymouth The Solent Contingent in Yarmouth